Who is she

Who is she who looks forth as the morning,
Fair as the moon,
Clear as the sun



Standing over Alex’s dead lifeless body was not the best way to start the New Year’s.  The realisation that I have taken his life sunk in and I left a whole lot of remorse. But Du’aine showed no emotion.  His face was like a man who has done such a thing before and was used to it, but not me a church going boy who know knew the 10 commandments like porn sites. I could not believe how it all went so wrong within a couple of hours. Du’aine starting talking but I could not understand word being said, it was like I was on another planet and my body was just passing through earth. ”Jimmy, what wrong with you, he told you you wasn’t a man kill but you showed him”. “Jimmy”. What I replied, my eyes staring straight into eye’s beautiful blue eyes which I never noticed before until tonight, his bloody dripping from right hand that held the knife. “Jesus Christ, what did you make me do” Turing towards Du’aine. “You wanted to be a part of gang that is how you get into it. Now you one of us”. That Phrase “one of us” ran through my mind I replayed it several times. In my fading mind I could feel I was going insane. I thought is this what being in a gang is all about I just wanted to be loved. Now two life’s is lost all in a blink of an eye. “I don’t want to be in any gang”. “Well what done is done, you can’t not raise him from the dead, you’re not Jesus” as he blowed his smoke in the air and spat on the floor.” You must be ready to face he consequence” as he spoke in his deep alfa male voice heading towards his stolen black BMW.

Act One


As the joy and excitement left my restless body after watching the Springboks loss to the bloody Wallabies. I could not believe it, all we needed was a conversion kick our wonder kid Handré Pollard blew it.

  • I told you those bums will loss, they can just never get over the finish line like the aussies.

As the sound of the doorbell rang my heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t expecting a client at 4 O’clock

  • Shut up will you and get the door that is what am paying you for Lorna.

The door opens.

  • Hey, I am looking for Zipo Mag, I am sorry but I can pronounce the last name.
  • No worries Ms no one can. And your name is?
  • Hattie
  • Come in have a sit, let me check if he is available.

Lorna walked into my office she described the client to me “she is wearing a black sunglasses could not really see a face. I think she is in mourning” bloody hell I thought to myself another widow.

  • Bring her in

She walked to reception

  • He is ready for you.

As she walked into my office. She had an amazing pair of legs that my eyes has ever seen, she was wearing a black easy waisted maxi dress. I easily recognised it, I have bought it before for my ex-wife, who now takes all my money and my so called kids, who only come home when they need something. Just like cats.

  • Good afternoon, how may I help you?
  • Hello, my name is Hattie Biko
  • Hold on, you are not related to the Great Steve Biko are you?
  • No, sorry
  • He was a great man.
  • Who?
  • Steve, sorry what can I do for you?

She rose to her feet then she removed her sunglasses. Her eyes gave the impression that she could look into your soul and review your darkest secrets.

  • I will like you to find my husband’s killer.




While reading a newspaper on the train going to Sevenoaks, i could tell this girl sitting across me with her boyfriend besides her I would think, she was trying to signal something to me with her eyes a call for help maybe but I was not quite sure. I thought to myself am not a bloody mind reader what does she want, her boyfriend looked like he stayed in the gym a lot and me a opposite never  lifted weights or workout before in my life only in P.E but that was years ago.  Out of the blue she took out her iPad and wrote “999”, in a very large and bold font, then I started to pay attention it was around 12am just three people on the last carriage at the end of the train. I tried not draw any attention to myself . Then she wrote again “pls help”. while these was going on I was complementing whether to follow her off the train or mind my own bloody business we  both could end up getting beat up or worse killed, and right now I hate my life and I could do with death right not, thought I will take my chances. He spoke with an aggressive voice “why you staring at my girl”,shivers ran through my spine, I spoke with some nervousness in my voice and my stutter did not help either “I was not loooookinggg at your girl sir”, then he stood up with his big chest, arms and he made sure I know he worked out. ” you calling me a liar then you four eyes prick”, out of my mind I lost composure “don’t ever call me a prick again “, before I could  think and blink, I felt my body collapse like the twin towers, I got hit with an heavy punch “now what, you cheeky bastard”. while I was laying side ways on the chairs I could feel tears coming down out of the corner of my eye, thinking to myself what kind of life I lived.


I so tired right now I will finish it tomorrow or anything time I get bored, hope I don’t forget the story line. Peace and Love.