While reading a newspaper on the train going to Sevenoaks, i could tell this girl sitting across me with her boyfriend besides her I would think, she was trying to signal something to me with her eyes a call for help maybe but I was not quite sure. I thought to myself am not a bloody mind reader what does she want, her boyfriend looked like he stayed in the gym a lot and me a opposite never  lifted weights or workout before in my life only in P.E but that was years ago.  Out of the blue she took out her iPad and wrote “999”, in a very large and bold font, then I started to pay attention it was around 12am just three people on the last carriage at the end of the train. I tried not draw any attention to myself . Then she wrote again “pls help”. while these was going on I was complementing whether to follow her off the train or mind my own bloody business we  both could end up getting beat up or worse killed, and right now I hate my life and I could do with death right not, thought I will take my chances. He spoke with an aggressive voice “why you staring at my girl”,shivers ran through my spine, I spoke with some nervousness in my voice and my stutter did not help either “I was not loooookinggg at your girl sir”, then he stood up with his big chest, arms and he made sure I know he worked out. ” you calling me a liar then you four eyes prick”, out of my mind I lost composure “don’t ever call me a prick again “, before I could  think and blink, I felt my body collapse like the twin towers, I got hit with an heavy punch “now what, you cheeky bastard”. while I was laying side ways on the chairs I could feel tears coming down out of the corner of my eye, thinking to myself what kind of life I lived.


I so tired right now I will finish it tomorrow or anything time I get bored, hope I don’t forget the story line. Peace and Love.


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