As the joy and excitement left my restless body after watching the Springboks loss to the bloody Wallabies. I could not believe it, all we needed was a conversion kick our wonder kid Handré Pollard blew it.

  • I told you those bums will loss, they can just never get over the finish line like the aussies.

As the sound of the doorbell rang my heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t expecting a client at 4 O’clock

  • Shut up will you and get the door that is what am paying you for Lorna.

The door opens.

  • Hey, I am looking for Zipo Mag, I am sorry but I can pronounce the last name.
  • No worries Ms no one can. And your name is?
  • Hattie
  • Come in have a sit, let me check if he is available.

Lorna walked into my office she described the client to me “she is wearing a black sunglasses could not really see a face. I think she is in mourning” bloody hell I thought to myself another widow.

  • Bring her in

She walked to reception

  • He is ready for you.

As she walked into my office. She had an amazing pair of legs that my eyes has ever seen, she was wearing a black easy waisted maxi dress. I easily recognised it, I have bought it before for my ex-wife, who now takes all my money and my so called kids, who only come home when they need something. Just like cats.

  • Good afternoon, how may I help you?
  • Hello, my name is Hattie Biko
  • Hold on, you are not related to the Great Steve Biko are you?
  • No, sorry
  • He was a great man.
  • Who?
  • Steve, sorry what can I do for you?

She rose to her feet then she removed her sunglasses. Her eyes gave the impression that she could look into your soul and review your darkest secrets.

  • I will like you to find my husband’s killer.




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