Just sitting, staring at my screen not sure what to even write. It  is hard for me to write anything on just any topic I have to be motivated.  It not that I am not motivated, it just I have no passion to write really. If anyone reads this they got a lot of time on their hands. Time what a strange thing, we all have specific to do specific things, things can even get intense that we do not even have enough time to finish those things. I think I will name this post “Time” why not I have spoken about time for the last two sentences. Thinking of getting involved into digital journalism, not sure why maybe because I got a camera I hardly ever use and I also like news, well we shall see in due time. oh I just mentioned time again, keeping doing it time and time again. That is the end of that am wasting too much time writing this and nobody my even read it. They will see my title called time and just keep on scrolling down. It happens every TIME.


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