Not long after King Solomon died, a little boy was born in the land of Gilead, east of the river Jordan.   The Bible does not tell us anything about his parents, not even their names. But they must have been  very good people,because they called their precious little son Elijah, which means “My God is Jehovah”.

What a wonderful name for a boy!

No doubt his parents dedicated him to God from his birth, and prayed that he would up to be be a brave and noble champion of truth and right.

From time to time, in their little home far from Jerusalem, they heard about the dreadful things going on in the holy city – how the idols that Solomon’s wives had set up were now being worshiped all over the place – and they made up their minds that whatever happened they would remain true to Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.

By and B news reached them but Jeroboam, the new King of Israel, had even made golden calves and told the people that these were the gods that brought them out of Egypt!

Elijah grew up at a time when people were taking sides between God of heaven and the gods of the heathen. As he talked with other boys he knew, some of them would say “We worship Baal; he’s the best god ” and the others ” We like Ashtoreth better; you should just see what goes on in front of that idol” and still others “We go to Moloch’s temple, things are much more exciting there.” And then Elijah would say, very bravely, “But my God is Jehovah.”

Nothing could move him from this stand. No matter how much the other boys and girls jeered at him, he would answer them fearlessly, “My God is Jehovah.”

The more he saw of the evil that was done in connection with worship of idols,the more sure he was that he was right. How could the people be so blind,so stupid, he wondered , as to think that God was pleased with all this wickedness? How  could they believe that He wanted little children burned as sacrifices, as was done in the temple of Moloch? It was all wrong, so very wrong, that it made him resolve to give himself, his life, his all to teaching  the people about the true God.

Talking with other boys and girls, mixing with the people in village market places, or alone on the mountainside, he would tell himself again and again,” My God is Jehovah,” ” My “God is Jehovah.”

So his name became part of himself. And people came to know him as the strange lad who hated idols and worshiped God of heaven. They said he was old-fashioned and out of date. They told him he wouldn’t get anywhere in life if he held on to such foolish notions.  But God’s eye was upon him. Here was a boy He could use.Here was the  champion  He was looking for !

And what a destiny was his!

Today,  Nearly three thousand years later, the eyes of the Lord still run “to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” Everywhere  His ears are listening eagerly for those precious words of loyalty , “My God is Jehovah!”  Blessed are the boys and girls who utter them from loved filled hearts . What a destiny lies before them! How much God will do for them, here and hereafter!

You too  can be a boy or a girl with a wonderful name. Just make the same decision as did Elijah. Say “My God is Jehovah,” just  now and mean it.




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