Look into my eyes
Tell me you could see beyond the smile that I’m puttin’ on
This front that I’m puttin’ up for you
I spill my soul into a microphone
With poems written in blood
In hopes that it’s enough for you
Do you love me yet?
Do you love me yet?
No? Okay
I’ll go harder for you
In fact, I rap till I collapse
All I wanted was acceptance, my latest lesson
I’ll never feel your approval till I accept my own
Come from a messed up home, destitute and less informed
About the ways to raise a child up
To not become a product
Of his environment, I need to cry and vent
But I done built this wall up
Actin’ like everything’s all good
But in reality I’m lookin’ for something
Through bumpin’ my favorite rappers I came up after
Nas, Cole, and Hov
Eyes closed, I zone till five or so in the morn’
I’m used to being alone
Shit, you know how long I’ve been out on my own?
Chasing dreams, fantasies of a throne
One day I wake up and see that it didn’t exist all along
Till then I will pen verses that fans consider brilliant
Boosting my ego with every million that spills in
And still then
I won’t find solace, so where’s the logic in that?
Worrying ’bout if they think Logic could rap
When it all goes back to a childhood, need to be loved
By parents that was in too deep with the drugs
Nigga, my advice, fuck the black and white shit
Be who you are, identify as a star
No one tells you you’re that
It’s something that you just know
The world be stealing your glow
Your mama did what she could
Her life was miles from good
Your father fell in the trap
They set for you when you black
They met when they was low
And therefore you a product of that
And so your trauma is deep
Don’t bury it you should weep
And clean it out of your system, then truly forgive ’em
Just my opinion, only then can you find peace
Just start to notice happiness don’t come from album release
I’ve been through it before
Can only share with you what I know
To be true, but at the same time, I’ll never be you
And you’ll never be me, no matter how hard that you try
This is for youngins out there wondering how far you can fly
The truth is that you could go further than the stars and the sky
But if you want to then you ought to know why
Are you running from something
With hopes of becoming someone
That’s finally worthy of love
Let me tell you now, you’re worthy enough
Fuck approval from strangers, that shit is dangerous as hell
Find God, learn to accept yourself
And I’m gone, accept Him


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